Brussels has Character

6 Tings ‘Bout Me

Dis here bloggn’ thang means that I gotta rite someting fer u folks out dere. Eben if me r sic [sic]. Naw, it ain’t in Swed-lang or Swinglish, neider. Deal. Dis here r 6 tings ’bout me. Jus me rita dem der poems, like, fer all me lif. I donno likka tomatoes, raw is icky…

Left lying on a bench in Brussels. What happened here?

What Happened Here?

This poem is inspired by the photo, taken in Brussels a couple of weeks ago. The rose, laying so purposefully, between two tubes of cardboard, made me wonder what happened the night before. Did two lovers just graduate from university and part ways, leaving this legacy behind? Or did young love blossom and they hastily…

Future flower is here

Future Flower

Puffy water lays frozen on rotting wood Sun illuminates crystal fingers Caressing branches Till darkness falls. Fluttering, clamoring wings Gather side by side on metal bars Beaks snatching Future flowers made of sun.