Stockholm 2012

Tio år med Tio /10 years with Tio

I adopted my darling Tio 10 years ago today. The sweetest most gentle flying fur, puking, curly, belly rubbing, essence. Everyone falls in love with Tio. There is an international fan club (you know who you are). Some Tapas (Little Bits) About Tio Originally called Shadow (at the shelter), I renamed him Tio after Tio Pepe’s, a…

We will not forgive you for this! Chico is mean to us!

Wrapping Cats Instead of Presents

In 2009, me and the boys moved into a cottage in a suburb of Stockholm. Since the majority of my friends love (and are owned by animals), I know that they understand why I spent a small fortune bringing my fur babies with me. A little known or acknowledged force that also propelled me from Vancouver was…


Murderous Morning

This fine Monday morning I woke to find A murder chase ongoing. Scrabble left right Under sinks Over pipes tables While hungry barn cat wailed Outside. I tried to save the little one But two fur beasts are faster Than mama with no coffee In her. Rest in peace House mouse. Dems the breaks.